April 14, 2024

Holly Springs police ask citizens to help guard against car theft

Therese Apel

Holly Springs authorities are asking citizens to take special steps to protect their vehicles from being stolen during a recent rash of car thefts.

A Facebook post from the city states that crime analytics reflect multiple motor vehicle thefts or attempted thefts in Holly Springs. City leaders said the crime is most commonly among Kia, Honda, Dodge Challenger, and Dodge Charger owners.

Authorities say a vehicle theft only takes a minute when the burglar is able to manipulate a switch on the vehicle. The Holly Spring Police Department is asking that citizens follow these safety suggestions:

• Park your vehicles in easy view, preferably under light
• Make sure your vehicle is locked and your alarm is activated
• If you have outside security cameras, please adjust them accordingly, and
• If you catch a burglar in the act, please dial 911 or contact the City of Holly Springs Police Department at 662-649-6228

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