April 10, 2023

Man accused of killing his mother in Holly Springs killed his brother in 2017

Therese Apel

A man accused of killing his mother in Holly Springs Saturday was convicted of killing his brother five years ago.

Bryan Lee Wells, 48, was charged in the death of his mother on April 8, authorities say, though she had been dead for at least a day before she was found. Major Kelly McMillen of the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department said the woman had been killed by blunt force trauma.

According to the South Reporter, a Bryan Lee Wells who was 43 at the time turned himself in to the sheriff’s department in the shooting death of his brother, William Bradley Wells, in 2017. McMillen said he pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

At the time, Police Chief Dwight Harris told the Daily Journal that it was “an altercation occurred that led to Brian shooting his brother.”

We are working for more details on this story.

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