June 5, 2023

Send birthday cards to “Uncle Snook,” Holly Springs’ 101-year-old hero

Therese Apel

Epson Riddle, known to his friends and family as "Uncle Snook," is turning 101 on June 14. You can send him a birthday card!

June 14 is a special day in Holly Springs, marking 101 years since one of their most beloved citizens was born.

Epson Riddle, known around the community as “Uncle Snook,” will be celebrating his 101st birthday, and his friends and family are trying to make the day extra special by asking for birthday cards from around the world.

“He always had a big smile, remembered you, and never failed to speak,” wrote one Facebook poster. “Let’s help make his 101st birthday the best one yet!”

“It is my wish that people all over the WORLD send him a BIRTHDAY CARD,” wrote his friend Linda Glover. “I’m looking for at least 101 cards for him.. you can start sending them now.”

Glover included the address to send the cards, along with the information that Uncle Snook loves Captain D’s and IHOP in case anyone wants to send gift cards.

If you’d like to send a birthday greeting to Uncle Snook, send it to:

Epson Riddle
140 Southern Circle
Holly Springs, MS. 38635

“Thanks, I can’t wait to see his response when those cards start coming in,” said Glover. “We’ll keep you all posted!”

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