May 19, 2021

Father and son lose appeal in 2019 murder of another father and son

Gabbi Ferreri

An appeal by a father and son who were convicted of shooting and killing another father and son at a Pearl River County gun store in 2019 was turned down by the Mississippi Court of Appeals Tuesday.

Micheal and Audy McCool will stay behind bars upholding their 2019 convictions.
Back in 2016, the McCool father and son duo shot and killed the owner of the store, Jason McLemore, and his son, Jacob, using a 40-caliber pistol.
Court documents state that on that Saturday, both McCools allegedly went to the gun shop to pick up a gun on January 23, 2016. Both Jason and his wife, Melanie McLemore told them that the gun repairs were not completed and that there would be a $25 service fee, and Micheal McCool was upset over the charge. Melanie Audy, who was working the counter at the time, tried to calm everyone down, but it was too late. All four of the men kept fighting and eventually lead to shots fired.
Thirty-one year old Michael McCool was the one who pulled the trigger, investigators say. He was convicted of two counts of second-degree murder and was sentenced to two 40-year sentences. He will continue to serve his sentences at South Mississippi Correctional Institute in Leaksville.
Audy McCool was sentenced to 14 years in custody and six years of probation for being convicted of two counts of accessory after the incident.  He is currently serving his sentence in Meridian at East Mississippi Correctional Facility.

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