December 8, 2022

Jones County: Driver charged with Death of an Unborn Child in 2021 DUI

Mary Apel

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department has arrested Rikki Blackwell, age 34, on charges of Homicide Death Of An Unborn Child and Aggravated DUI.  Blackwell was driving a vehicle which collided with another vehicle driven by a pregnant female on December 21, 2021, on Moselle Seminary Road. The collision seriously injured both drivers and allegedly caused the death of the 25 week old unborn child.

Toxicology results from the State Crime Laboratory indicated Blackwell had
several illegal narcotics and other impairment items in her bloodstream. The delay in JCSD filing charges stems from lead times in obtaining toxicology results.

Jones County Sheriff Joe Berlin notes, “This was a avoidable tragedy allegedly resulting from illegal narcotics usage and usage of other impairment substances by Rikki Blackwell who was operating a motor vehicle. A unborn child died and a mother and family were devastated by the loss.”  

Berlin concludes, “We are confident that justice will be served in this case. It’s just so very sad to consider how this tragedy has impacted so many lives and destroyed so many dreams.”

Blackwell will have her initial appearance in Jones County Justice Court on Friday.

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