August 25, 2022

MDOC Escapee Found Inside Garbage Can, Now Faces Home Invasion, Kidnapping and Auto Theft Charges

Morgan Howard

Source: Rankin County Sheriff's Department

Shunekndrick Huffman the inmate who escaped and then was recaptured Thursday afternoon now faces several additional felony charges.

According to the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department, on August 25, around 4:15 pm., they were contacted by MDOC’s Central Mississippi Correctional Facility on Hwy 468. CMCF staff said they had a state inmate escape and needed help.

Around 40 Rankin County deputies responded to the prison, along with other officers from various state agencies and local metro departments.

They set up a perimeter around the area and MDOC investigators and MDOC staff began a head count at the prison and verified an inmate had escaped. The escaped inmate was identified as Shunekndrick Huffman and officers gave photographs of him to all of the agencies in the manhunt.

Rankin County K9 units began to track the escapee where they thought he had left the facility. However, a heavy rain had started not long after they began to track and it was so intense, they couldn’t continue. Roads around the prison began to flood.

Not long after the rain stopped, a car pulled up to a Rankin County Deputy who was stationed on Greenfield Road. A woman in the car told the deputy that she and her sister and mom had been held at gunpoint at her mom’s house by the escapee.
The victim said that Huffman then stole a White Honda Passenger Car from them.
The deputy informed all of the officers searching to be on the lookout for that vehicle. They found the car near the Whitfield Campus and tried to stop it. The vehicle hit an MDOC van, then drove into a ditch full of water.
Huffman got out of the car and ran towards Whitfield Campus, climbed the security fence and ran towards some of the homes on campus.
Well over 100 law enforcement officers converged on this specific area. They set up a tight perimeter and went house to house searching.
Not long after this, an officer found Huffman inside of a large garbage can outside of a home. He was immediately taken into custody.
MDOC officers took custody of Huffman and took him back to CMCF. Rankin County Deputies then went to the home where Huffman had committed the home invasion and began to process the crime scene.
Sheriff Bryan Bailey said,
“As Sheriff of Rankin County, I am in awe of the response from the many different law enforcement agencies that come together to protect the Citizens of Rankin County in our time of need. Thank you to each and every law enforcement officer that participated in the manhunt, because of you the people of Rankin County can sleep well tonight.”
Huffman now faces multiple felony charges, including 3 counts of Kidnapping, Home Invasion, Auto Theft, and Possession of a Stolen Firearm, and Possession of Firearm by a Convicted Felon.
Source: MDOC
MDOC said they will also charge Huffman with escape.

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