November 26, 2023

Human remains found in Lincoln County Saturday

Therese Apel

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is looking into a body found Saturday afternoon that may have been there for six months or longer.

It began when Dispatch was notified that a hunter located possible human remains near a road leading into a wooded area on Wooley Trail.

Initial information indicates that no one had been to that location since about May 2023. Deputies responded to the scene and then requested the assistance of the MS Bureau of Investigations along with the MS crime lab response team and the Lincoln County Coroner’s Office.

The remains were recovered by the crime lab and sent to the State Medical Examiner’s office for further testing.

Sheriff Steve Rushing says deputies are checking with surrounding counties to see if the remains match any missing persons.

Due to the condition of the remains no further description as to sex, race, or how long they had been at the scene is available at this time without further testing by the state lab.

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