November 14, 2023

Oral arguments in appeal for mass murderer today in Mississippi Supreme Court

Therese Apel

The victims of the May 2017 Memorial Day killing spree.

The Mississippi Supreme Court has scheduled oral arguments for 1:30 p.m. Nov. 14 in the case of Willie Cory Godbolt v. State of Mississippi, on appeal from Lincoln County Circuit Court.

This is a routine hearing.

Editor’s note: Darkhorse Press has elected not to cover this convict any further past today unless extreme circumstances dictate differently. We find that just like in his life and his trial, this convict continues to make noise and harass people, and based on his past and personality, it would appear to be in an effort to terrorize and retain control over the lives of others. Just as he blamed everybody else for the deaths of eight good people as he sat in custody on that road in Lincoln County six and a half years ago, he is now blaming the prison, the MDOC, and the MDOC Commissioner for his circumstances, and even goes so far as to say he’s innocent after confessing on camera at the time of the killings and being seen and heard by multiple witnesses at three different scenes.

Through the years, since I was there on scene and caught his confession on camera, people have looked to me for all the latest information on him and his case. For a while, I felt as though that was my duty. But now he is convicted, is serving four life sentences and four death sentences, and he continues to cause chaos in the lives of people who used to love him during a time where he should be locked away and unable to hurt anyone anymore.

We’re tired of this convict’s show. We choose not to give him any more unneccessary attention. Instead, we choose to revere and honor the lives of his victims. Past today, if you see anything routine about him and his rantings from inside the prison, it will not be on Darkhorse Press.

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