November 4, 2021

Forrest County dive team updates certifications

Therese Apel

Forrest County Sheriff's Department's dive team during certification class
Forrest County Sheriff’s Department’s dive team during certification class

The Forrest County Dive Team has upgraded their certification, according to a release from Sheriff Charlie Sims’ office.

Sheriff Sims coordinated an effort to update the dive team on the latest Public Safety Diver qualifications in a certification class taught by Deputy Carlton Sims (no relation).

“This is an exercise to teach these deputies skills for blackwater and mirky water diving in lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.,” said Deputy Sims. “This can be one of the most challenging types of diving that requires preparation and skill.”

The dive team consists of experienced divers, Deputy Sims said, but the class taught important techniques for properly recovering victims and articles like weapons or other evidence that could be useful in law enforcement investigations.

“When we recover items and or victims, it is necessary that we properly preserve evidence,” Deputy Sims said.

The deputies will now be Certified Public Safety Divers and will be on call to assist the department and other agencies that need these specialized divers in emergency situations.

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