April 15, 2022

Multiple catalytic converters stolen at various Ridgeland apartments Friday morning

Mary Apel

Ridgeland Police are investigating multiple catalytic converters thefts at apartment complexes this morning.

On Friday morning, April 15, at approximately 5:00 am, Ridgeland Police Department officers were dispatched to the Pointe Apartments located at 831 Rice Road in reference to a possible theft of parts from a vehicle.

Officers arrived and were able to identify a vehicle in the apartment complex missing a catalytic converter. Additional complaints were called in to the Ridgeland Police Department throughout the morning from other apartment complexes in the area.

At this time a total of four (4) catalytic converters were stolen from vehicles at three apartment complexes; The Pointe Apartments – 2 thefts, Legacy Apartments – 1 theft, and Arbors at the Natchez Trace – 1 theft.

A resident at Legacy Apartments also reported a Honda dirt bike being stolen from the bed of a pick-up truck.

Investigators were called to the complexes and several items of evidence were recovered from the scenes. These pieces of evidence will be processed for fingerprint identification. Investigators are also working to secure any video evidence that may have captured images of interest. Any questions should be directed to John R. Neal, Chief of Police at 601-853-2014.

The interest and rise in catalytic converter thefts are due to the price increases of the precious metals contained inside the device. These metals are platinum, palladium, and rhodium. The market prices for these metals fluctuate erratically, as well as being dependent on the region in the United States where the automotive devices are sold for scrap.

Catalytic converters are normally removed from vehicle by using a sawzall cutting device with a sharp blade for penetrating the exhaust pipes on either side of the converter. It is difficult to capture these thieves in the act because they normally target isolated areas where vehicle are kept but one constant is the amount of noise the thefts create. The cutting of the metal creates a loud grinding sound, so residents are asked to listen for these types of noises while they are outside and if they observe suspicious activity, please contact their local police department.

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