April 20, 2022

Yogi Bear statue found, reward offered for deleted photos or videos

Therese Apel

This Yogi Bear statue was stolen from the Jellystone Park in Pelahatchie.

The Yogi Bear statue stolen from the Jellystone Park in Pelahatchie has been found, according to the campground’s general manager.

Nikki Ammons said on Facebook Wednesday morning that a $1,000 cash reward has been put up for the first person who sends her a screenshot or screen recording of social media stories and videos that were posted Friday night when the bear was stolen. They have since been taken down, she said.

“I know someone was smart enough to screenshot them before they were deleted and I’m willing to pay for them! Everything will be kept confidential,” she wrote.

Ammons said she and most of Pelahatchie already know the names of the alleged bear thieves, and there is additional evidence, but digital evidence is key in the case.

“These screenshots will wrap up everything and bring all this to an end so that we can proceed with arrests and prosecution,” she wrote.

“Thanks to everyone who shared the post and to the Pelahatchie Police Department,” Ammons said. “Stealing and trashing a $10,000 licensed statue is not a prank, regardless of who you are, it is a felony! If you feel more comfortable calling/texting me instead my number is 601-672-0084.”

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