June 20, 2022

“Stepping Up to Serve” – Operation Shoestring: Parent Summer Program

Nicole Kral

“Stepping Up to Serve” tells the stories of people in Mississippi who are going the extra mile to give back to their community through non-profits, acts of service, or other demonstrations of compassion. This segment is made possible by:

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“Stepping Up to Serve” – Operation Shoestring: Parent Summer Program

Operation Shoestring is a Jackson-based organization that provides year-round support and resources for families in the Central Mississippi area.

Since beginning in 1968 after the civil rights ear, Operation Shoestring has given academic, social, and emotional support to hundreds of children ranging K – 12th grade.

Photo Credit: Operation Shoestring

However, their services don’t stop there.

They want to make a difference for the whole family.

This year, for the second year, Operation Shoestring will host an Parent Summer Program where neighborhood families are encouraged to participate in a program that is focused on building physical, mental, and emotional health for the adults or caregivers.

The program will be held over two separate Saturdays, with session being held at Ecoshed and Cultivation Food Hall.  

“Operation Shoestring strongly believes that a key component of serving the children in our neighborhood is working with their parents and providing them resources and experiences to live happy and fulfilling lives.”

The program will also provide parents with resources for mood and stress regulation.

Photo Credit: Operation Shoestring

After proving to be a huge success last year, this year’s parent camp has grown.

The organization has since partnered with different leaders in the Jackson Metro area and expanded the overall scale of the program.

Operation Shoestring is expecting over fifty parents to attend the program this year.

Support Operation Shoestring by donating or volunteering.

Parents can find support online at https://operationshoestring.org/parent/

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