July 1, 2022

“Stepping Up to Serve” – Extra Table: Providing Quality Food Pantries to Mississippians

Nicole Kral

(Source: Extra Table)

“Stepping Up to Serve” tells the stories of people in Mississippi who are going the extra mile to give back to their community through non-profits, acts of service, or other demonstrations of compassion. This segment is made possible by:

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“Stepping Up to Serve” – Extra Table: Providing Quality Food Pantries to Mississippians

(Source: Extra Table)

Since 2009, Extra Table has been providing quality food to hungry Mississippians in the most efficient and effective way. The pandemic threw an unprecedented number of local families into food insecurity causing our already high levels of hunger to skyrocket. Mississippi is still the hungriest state in the nation. The supply chain has taken a toll on many as prices for consumer goods has risen by 8.5% this year alone . . . a whole new group of families are utilizing our food pantries.

The face of hunger has changed. The same 670,000 Mississippians are still hungry, and we are seeing many new clients at our food pantries. Mississippians, more specifically the working poor, single mothers, senior adults, and children are turning to food pantries to help make ends meet.

In 2022, Extra Table expanded their statewide network of service to include five additional food pantries, bringing the grand total to 57 pantries, which they stock every month. Some day they hope to be obsolete. Until then, they’ll be working hard to make sure all Mississippi families in need are fed.

Food pantries are overflowing with food around Thanksgiving and Christmas. But those in need are just as hungry in June and July as they are in November and December. Please join us in the fight to end hunger.

Be a HUNGER HERO today.

Make a monthly commitment to feed children and families in Mississippi.

You can provide 354 HEALTHY MEALS with a commitment of just $5 a month or $60 a year.

Your donation and commitment to our feeding efforts allows us to source the best food in bulk and at below wholesale prices.

Meals matter and dollars make the difference at Extra Table.

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