January 9, 2022

2 people injured, 4 horses killed in Yazoo County shooting

Therese Apel

A shooting in Yazoo county wounded several horses and at least two people Friday night, officials said.

Details are scarce, but Sheriff Jacob Sheriff confirmed that there was a shooting at a local horse track on Thomas Road, which is between Vaughn and Pickens.

Coroner Ricky Shivers said he was called to the scene, but it turned out he wasn’t needed. To his understanding, two people were taken from the scene wounded. One was taken to Merit Health in Madison, and the other one was flown to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

Sheriff said one of them is in critical condition, the other one is in good condition.

The authorities did confirm some horses were shot, but it’s unclear if there were any fatalities among the horses.

So far no word on suspects or what caused the shooting.

if you have information on this crime, please call the Yazoo County Sheriff department or your local Crime Stoppers.

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