July 14, 2021

Just Somm Chef VIDEO: Quick and easy macaroni and cheese from scratch

Therese Apel

Macaroni and cheese

June 14 is National Macaroni and Cheese Day, and we want to bring you our favorite recipe from our favorite chef and sommelier, Jeep Apel. You can find more of his musings on food and drink at JustSommChef.com, and of course you can follow him on Instagram and on Facebook at the handle @justsommchef.

Editor’s note: Just Somm Chef is a blog put together by Jeep Apel, a chef and sommelier based out of North Carolina who has been a manager at the wine bar at the Biltmore among other things. We will post excerpts at least weekly and you can click the links to see the rest of his work. Lots of good stuff here for foodies and wine folks as the blog takes off. 

Check out our Facebook post and leave us your favorite Mac ‘n Cheese recipe!

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