September 14, 2021

Just Somm Chef: Football season means grilling, why not try Ribs and Rose’

Therese Apel

Ribs and Rose

As the weather cools down and football season cranks up, the fall air begins to smell like grilling meat on the weekends.

Our favorite chef/sommelier has a great recipe for combining wine and everyone’s favorite barbecued ribs. Check out this excerpt, then see the rest, as well as an instructional video, on his website.


Usually I go for Zinfandel when I am doing anything BBQ. Rosé works as well, and it goes down easier on a hot summer day. The fruit forward flavor pairs with the brown sugar in the rub and the bright acidity cuts through the fat of the ribs.

I forgot to mention an ingredient or two in the video. The dry rub is equal parts Marisal Sea Salt and brown sugar. Then I add a little cumin, paprika, garlic powder, curry powder and a big dose of chili powder. I do not give measurements here because it is something that you can scale to make as much as you want. Also, you can play around with the ratios to find what fits your flavor preference. You don’t have to cook like me, follow your own path to enlightenment.

The amount of time you smoke the ribs is based on the quantity of ribs you are cooking.

See the rest here:

Ribs and Rosé… all day

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