September 2, 2021

Just Somm Chef: Quick crabcakes for when you have that 4 p.m. craving

Therese Apel

Crabcakes and Chenin Blanc (that's white wine, for us southerners!)

Sometimes you just get a craving. JustSommChef, our favorite chef and sommelier, tells us in his latest post how to throw together crabcakes and chenin blanc (that’s white wine, for those of us who are a little less fancy 🤣) in under two hours.

Here’s his secret to turning that around when you don’t have a whole lot of time. Check out the rest at his blog.


We needed a break in our dinner routine. I was scanning my brain for ideas. I wanted to do a seafood boil, but, it was 4pm at the time of this epiphany. I was at the store by 4:15, and had crab cakes on the dinner table by 6 pm.

It is easiest to start the recipe with 2 bowls. Place the crab meat in one bowl and begin to shred it. Really, the most important part of this step is to look for small shell fragments and remove them. Next, smash and crumble the saltine crackers over the crab meat. Toss everything around until the crab is crumb covered.

In the other bowl, put in one egg. Whisk it! Add mayo, mustard, Worcestershire , and hot sauce. Whisk it good!


For the recipe (which comes first in the post!!) and the rest of the story, visit!

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