July 2, 2021

FRONT LINES: Narcos With Attitudes, Hot days in Rankin County, and a woman duct taped in a closet

Therese Apel

Deputy John Johnson assists a stranded family on I-20 in Rankin County.

This is the pilot episode of a bi-weekly series about the Rankin/Madison County Drug Interdiction Team, which has been honored nationally as one of the best interdiction units in the country for their work along I-20.

Therese Apel rides along with deputies on the interdiction team and records their interactions with citizens, suspects, K9s, and the camera, and shows the unfiltered view from the road of what they face every day.

Each episode may not have a large scale drug bust, but each episode will show real life events in the day-to-day work of the officers that work to keep cartel drugs from passing through. Their jobs are all-purpose: Sometimes they’re pulling drug dealers over, but sometimes they’re assisting with a manhunt, involved in a pursuit, or aiding in human trafficking investigations.

This series will air bi-weekly.

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