March 13, 2024

Columbus Woman Wakes Up To Man Standing In Her Kitchen, Talking To Himself

Morgan Howard

The day started as a frightening one for a Columbus woman who woke up to a strange man standing in her kitchen.
On Tuesday morning, the victim was awakened to the sound of someone talking in her home on Priscilla Circle.
The victim said she got up to find a man in her kitchen talking to himself and going through her things.
The man had kicked in the door of the home and came inside. The woman said she asked the man who he was and what he was doing in her house. The man told her his name was Trevor then left the home. She called 911 and noticed several things were missing from her home. A bottle of vodka was missing, a vape pen, and one ounce of THC was missing.
Lowndes County deputies said the man was found a short distance down the road and was apprehended.
He was identified as 33-year-old Trevor Dodd of Columbus. Dodd still had the items he took from the woman’s home in his possession.
Dodd is now at the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center and will be charged with Burgalry of an Occupied Dwelling.

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