April 11, 2024

Columbus Man With 10 Previous Felonies Arrested for Kidnapping

Morgan Howard

Dekkar Fleming

In a late-night arrest, Lowndes County Deputies apprehended 33-year-old Dekkar Allen Fleming of Columbus on charges of Kidnapping and Domestic Violence and Aggravated Assault.

The incident happened on Wednesday, April 10, around 11:50 P.M., when Fleming allegedly pushed the victim into the backseat of his vehicle, preventing her from escaping.

He then drove away from the victim’s apartment on Yorkville Road in Columbus, with the victim still in the vehicle. While trying to flee, the victim fell from the moving vehicle at the intersection of Yorkville Road and Stadium Drive in New Hope, sustaining injuries. Despite her efforts to escape, Fleming forcibly returned her to the vehicle.

Witnesses alerted 911 upon hearing the victim’s screams, enabling deputies to locate the vehicle and conduct a traffic stop without incident. Fleming was subsequently taken into custody.

Fleming is being held at the Lowndes County Adult Detention Center on a $75,000 bond. He faces charges related to his violent actions. Fleming’s has ten previous felony bookings and 17 misdemeanors, including charges such as aggravated assault, robbery, and a previous kidnapping offense.


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