April 28, 2023

Calhoun County Search and Rescue team locates missing man overnight

Therese Apel

Members of Calhoun County's overland search and rescue team say a prayer before looking for a missing man

The Calhoun County Sheriff went out of his way Friday to praise searchers after an elderly man went missing overnight.

According to Sheriff Greg Pollan, around 12:30 a.m. Friday, deputies were dispatched to an area just north of Pittsboro where an 83-year-old man with early onset dementia had gone missing in the woods.

Pollan called out the Calhoun County Overland Search and Rescue (OSAR) team. After about four hours of searching the man was found safe and transported for medical treatment, Pollan said.

“The group of individuals that make the OSAR are super special,” Pollan said. “Completely volunteer. Well trained. Dedicated!! A million thanks to them all for their hard work and for the leadership of my friend Randy Skinner.”

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