February 15, 2022

Rankin, 8 other Mississippi counties under burn bans

Therese Apel

Burn ban alert from Rankin County EOC

Nine Mississippi counties declared burn bans on Tuesday in the wake of high winds and dry conditions.

Claiborne, Jasper, Rankin, Yazoo, Warren, Pike, Scott, Panola, and Adams counties are all forbidding burning starting Tuesday through dates ranging from as soon as Febrary 22 to as long as March 15.

The Mississippi Forestry Commission issued a Statewide Wildland Fire Risk Alert Tuesday as well.

Burn bans are restrictions on outdoor burning during drought or wildfire conditions. A county’s Board of Supervisors normally requests burn bans, and the Mississippi Forestry Commission approves the requests. All burn bans expire at midnight on the stated date of expiration.

A burn ban means no outdoor burning of any kind.

The local sheriff’s departments enforce burn bans. Any violation of a burn ban is a misdemeanor that may cost $100 to $500.

What is Not Allowed During a Burn Ban
Anything with an open flame that produces an ember is not allowed during a burn ban. The wind can carry floating embers away from the original fire and start a spot fire up to one-half mile away from the burning area. This includes:

Fire pits
Fire rings
Burn barrels
Debris burning
Field burning

What is Allowed During a Burn Ban

Propane / Gas grills
Propane / Gas heaters
Charcoal grills
Use these items as described by their manufacturer, safely away from combustible materials, and never left unattended. Dispose of them properly after use.

After using charcoal grill briquettes,  let the coals cool completely and douse in water before disposing of them in a metal container once the ashes are cold to the touch.

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