February 9, 2022

Rankin County interdiction nets another 30 pounds of cocaine on I-20

Therese Apel

Brenda Gutierrez and Gabriel Manuel, shown with around 30 pounds of cocaine seized by the Rankin County Sheriff's Department's Interdiction Team.

Suspicious behavior on the part of the suspect led a Rankin County Interdiction deputy to do a search that led to the discovery of around 30 pounds of cocaine inside a vehicle.

On Tuesday, Deputy Ronnie Decell made a traffic stop on a Chevrolet pickup truck on Interstate 20 for a traffic violation. As he spoke to the couple inside the truck, he became suspicious of the discrepancies in the driver’s and passenger’s stories, authorities said.

Decell got consent to search the vehicle and found approximately 30 pounds of cocaine located in the personal effects of the driver and passenger as well as in a hidden compartment in the vehicle. Both occupants of the truck were arrested.

The driver is identified as Brenda Gutierrez, 42, and the passenger as Miguel Gutierrez, 43, both of El Paso, Texas. Both suspects were transported to the Rankin County Jail and booked on the charge of Aggravated Trafficking.

District Attorney Bubba Bramlett will bring both suspects before Rankin County Court Judge David Morrow for an Initial Appearance.

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