July 26, 2022

Covington County man found guilty of kidnapping, child exploitation

Therese Apel

On Tuesday a Covington County jury found a man guilty of kidnapping and kiddie porn charges.

A release from District Attorney Chris Hennis stated that 51 year old Mark Hand was found guilty of kidnapping and exploitation of a child (possession of child pornography).

Hand was sentenced by Circuit Judge Stanley Sorey to 30 years to serve on the kidnapping charge and 40 years to serve on the exploitation charge. The sentences are to run consecutive.

“Mark Hand will have to serve every day of his sentence,” Hennis wrote.

He credited his prosecution team, the law enforcement on the case, and the cyber crimes unit from Attorney General Lynn Fitch’s office.

“The forensic investigation conducted by that unit, along with the expert testimony provided at the trial by the investigator were crucial in securing a conviction in this case,” he said.

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