June 30, 2022

Jones County Sheriff’s Department issues scam alert

Mary Apel

Jones County Sheriff Joe Berlin is advising Jones County residents of yet another telephone scam being perpetrated in Jones County and likely other counties as well.

“Scammers are calling Jones County residents using the names of current or former JCSD employees and telling them they owe money to avoid being arrested for past due court fines, failure to appear for jury duty, or old traffic citations,” notes Jones County Sheriff Joe Berlin. “These scammers have been working the phones pretty hard based on the number of complaints we have received. Their entire purpose in life is to separate you from your hard earned money. They will ask you to transfer funds by debit style cards, Cash App, or other electronic means. It’s a scam so please don’t fall for it.”


The number they are calling from is 601-699-8895. If you call back you get a recorded message saying “You have reached the Jones County Sheriff’s Department Warrants and Civil Citation Division…”  

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