January 24, 2023

Jones County Sheriff’s Department receives 25 ballistic vests in anonymous donation; Sheriff calls it a “game changer”

Mary Apel

The Jones County Sheriff’s Department has received an anonymous donation that Sheriff Joe Berlin is calling “a game changer”.

The department on Friday received the anonymous donation of twenty-five Safe Life Defense Level IIIA+ ballistic vests. The ballistic vests cost $606.87 each for a total cost of $15,171.75.

“We are extremely grateful for this amazing donation which was made by a local Jones County resident who wishes to remain anonymous,” notes Jones County Sheriff Joe Berlin. “This is the same brand ballistic vest that JCSD Reserve Deputy Joey Davis was wearing when he was shot last November during a domestic dispute with the vest stopping two handgun rounds to his chest.”

Deputies, investigators, and  narcotics agents are being assigned the new ballistic vests replacing older vests or ones that were previously issued to other personnel and not fitted to the new wearer.

JCSD Reserve Deputy Joey Davis notes, “I can certainly attest to the quality of the Safe Life Defense ballistic vests having found out firsthand how well they perform.” Davis adds, “I wouldn’t be here today were it not for my ballistic vest stopping the two handgun rounds, one which struck center mass and the other over my heart.”

Sheriff Joe Berlin concludes, “It is heartwarming to know that someone cares enough about our safety to spend over $15,000 of their hard earned money to ensure we have the latest in ballistic protection for our personnel. We cannot say thanks enough to this individual. It means the world to our deputies….and their families.”


Photo left to right – Sheriff Joe Berlin and Reserve Deputy Joey Davis shown holding two of the twenty-five ballistic vests donated by an anonymous donor.

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