February 5, 2022

UPDATE: One dead in accidental Chik-Fil-A shooting

Therese Apel

The Clinton Police Department has
confirmed the driver shot at the Chick-fil-A in Clinton last night has died.

The victim is 23-year-old Kendarius Vaughn of Jackson.

Interviews were completed last night and the stories began to match the evidence, according to a release from Clinton police. Vaughn was ordering in the drive thru line at Chick-fil-A on Hwy 80. He and his brother, who was sitting in the back seat, were arguing about the order when Vaughn grabbed a handgun and began waving it and held it up towards the roof of the

Police say Vaughn swing the gun around towards his brother in the back seat while they were arguing and playing around at the same time. The brother grabbed the drivers arm and kept the gun from being aimed at him.

Vaughn shot himself when the brother pushed his arm back towards the front seat away from him, police said.

Authorities say the investigation shows that the evidence, the gunshot wound, and the interviews match.

“This happened due to carelessness and horse playing with a weapon,” the release said. “We conferred with ADA Jamie McBride last night and he agrees that this is an accidental shooting and the case will be sent and presented as accidental.”

No charges will be filed for the shooting, police said. The case remains filed under accidental death.

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