February 8, 2024

City of Clinton Holds Press Conference To Discuss Anthony Fox’s Return To Police Force

Morgan Howard

Source: Clay Edwards Livestream

(Livestream from Independent Journalist Clay Edwards.) 

The City of Clinton held a press conference Thursday morning to officially welcome Detective Anthony Fox back to the force after he was in jail for 551 days.

Source: Clay Edwards Show

Mayor Phil Fischer, Alderman Robert Chapman, and Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman were all in attendance, as well as Detective Anthony Fox and his family.

Mayor Phil Fischer:

The Mayor of Clinton, Phil Fischer, wanted to comment on Anthony Fox’s case. He opened the press conference by saying,

“Detective Anthony Fox has been released after 551 days of incarceration. The court of appeals overturned the circuit court’s decision on January 30 and he finally left jail on February 7th. Many thanks to the court of appeals for their decision.”

Mayor Fischer continued by saying,

“Reviewing the entirety of events, and events over the last 20 years, I must ask if an innocent person can get a fair shake in our county. Many of us have watched as repeat offenders walk free to exploit the population again. We have watched as those with ankle monitors roam the county without supervision. And every night there seems to be a new horrific crime in our county by those who do not fear prosecution.

“The problem is not with law enforcement. It is the judges you elect. Judges should never use their courtroom to pursue a political agenda or initiate social justice. Doing so removes the blindfold of lady justice and tips the scales of justice against one very important principle everyone expects from the judicial system. And that principle is proving guilt…not proving innocence.”

Mayor Fischer talked about how he felt regarding newly re-elected judge Adrienne Wooten handling Anthony Fox’s case.

He stated,

“The very thought of someone like Judge Adrienne Wooten on the bench should strike terror in the souls of those who believe in judicial fairness to all.”

Mayor Fisher said he was amazed at the number of errors Judge Wooten made.

“I am grateful to the Court of Appeals that they had the courage to right this wrong.”

Mayor Fischer also talked about the lack of sufficient evidence presented by Hinds County District Attorney Jody Owens in the case.

  “Although this nightmare for Detective Fox is over, one must wonder after watching this unfold if anyone can receive justice from a Hinds County judge elected to be fair and impartial. One must also ask why, with this lack of judicial support, would anyone go into law enforcement.

Mayor Fischer then turned his attention to Anthony Fox and his family. He welcomed Detective Fox back to the force.

“The City of Clinton welcomes Detective Fox. He was officially rehired Tuesday night at our board of alderman meeting. And we look forward to this outstanding officer’s return to duty.

Mayor Fischer officially welcomed Anthony Fox back to the force stating,

 “The city is happy this great officer is back protecting our city. Clinton is a better place with Detective Fox on duty.

Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman:

Source: Clay Edwards Livestream

Clinton Police Chief took the podium next and talked about Detective Fox being back on the force. He was asked how does his return impact their police department.

“The impact starts the day he didn’t come back to this department and the hole that it created in this department. Our service is not as good to this community without Detective Fox on duty.

Chief said they are excited to have Fox back. He described Fox as a catalyst and an engine that moves the police department forward.

“When he’s around, everyone’s performing a little better, more efficiently, and WHAT A DAY! What a day for us at the Clinton Police Department!”

The Police Chief continued by thanking the Mississippi Attorney General’s Office for looking at the law and applying it correctly. He thanked them for standing up for Detective Fox. He also thanked the Mississippi Court of Appeals for doing the right thing.

When asked what his reaction was the day they found out Anthony Fox was released and returning, Chief said he didn’t have words to express their excitement.

Mayor Fischer said he was in Memphis with family when he got the news that Anthony Fox was being released. He said he was on the phone with Chief Hayman and could hear “hooping and hollering” in the background as officers ran to jump into their vehicles and drive to Madison County to go get him.

You can read more about Anthony Fox’s case here.


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