February 7, 2024

Clinton Police Detective Anthony Fox Walks Free after 550+ days in prison

Morgan Howard

Clinton Police Officer Anthony Fox walked free on Wednesday after more than 550 days in prison while serving time after being wrongfully convicted in the 2019 death of George Robinson.

Fox, one of the Metro area’s top narcotics officers with an impeccable service record, walked out of the jail with his family, friends, and supporters on Wednesday, February 7th.

He made it out of the building and stood for a moment before hitting his knees, covering his face as the emotion took over. Then he stood, hugging his son and other members of his family before widening the hug circle to his friends.

On January 30, Anthony Fox’s charges were reversed and rendered.

Fox verdict reversed and rendered by ThereseApel on Scribd

He is now officially a free man.

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Pictured below is Anthony Fox with his son.


Fox motion to expedite the mandate by ThereseApel on Scribd

Motion to expedite by ThereseApel on Scribd

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