October 5, 2022

Saltillo police arrest two men alleged to be on drugs with stolen property

Therese Apel

Saltillo Police received several calls Tuesday in reference to two men appearing to be delusional and under the influence of some substance, and they were reported at several locations with in the city.

Both men were described to police by witnesses at different locations and times, and witnesses were also able to describe a vehicle.

Saltillo police were able to find the vehicle parked at a convenience store on Mobile. Shortly after that, police made contact with the pair and based on their behavior, police believed both to be under the influence of narcotics.

A further investigation also revealed the vehicle had recently been reported stolen from a near by jurisdiction.

Hugh Dustin Pannell, pictured in the camo shirt, is charged with possession of stolen property and disorderly conducts. Christopher Thrasher, pictured in the white shirt, is charged with possession of stolen property and giving false information.

Both were taken to Lee County Jail and charged with the above mentioned charges. The theft of the vehicle is still under investigation.

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