November 3, 2021

Retired Lawrence County deputy celebrates 99th birthday

Therese Apel

Retired Deputy Leroy Robinson and Lawrence County Sheriff Ryan Everett
Retired Lawrence County Deputy Leroy Robinson on his 99th birthday

Leroy Robinson has seen everything that’s happened in Lawrence County for almost a century.

Literally. Almost a century. Minus a year.

On Tuesday, Robinson celebrated his 99th birthday with his people — other first responders in the county he’s served all his life. Robinson, a retired sheriff’s deputy, started with the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department in the 1970s under Sheriff Earl Smith,and retired in the early 2000s under Sheriff Joel Thames.

First responders gathered to celebrate his birthday according to Facebook posts from the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department and the Lawrence County Fire Service.

“Mr. Leroy was always an inspiration to younger officers. He said today that he feels 14 and is still as jolly and as full of life as ever,” posted Sheriff Ryan Everett. “Mr. Leroy is the oldest living former Lawrence County law enforcement officer. In celebration of his birthday, I felt that it was only fitting to update his badge and his commission. Happy Birthday, My Friend!”

The fire service’s account posted that it was an honor to take part in the ceremony.

“Mr Leroy always served our county with pride and integrity. A fine man indeed,” the post reads. “We salute you sir on this special day and can’t wait till 100.”

Gina Naef posted that Robinson and her father had been best friends.

“He came to the funeral in ‘19 and I was so happy to see him again,” she wrote. “Have known this family since I was 10. Happy Birthday Mr. Leroy!!♥️♥️”

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