July 10, 2023

STEPPING UP TO SERVE: Man brings in supply haul for Brookhaven Animal Rescue League

Therese Apel

Ronnie Sciortino

“What else?” That was the question Ronnie Sciortino asked after talking with a Brookhaven Animal Rescue League volunteer about BARL’s current needs.

Once he found out, Ronnie jumped into action. He brought cleaning supplies, paper towels and garbage bags, large rubber water bowls, heavy duty water hoses and several pair of rain boots to be used by staff and volunteers.

“Thank you, Ronnie, for your generosity and for knowing to ask the question, ‘What else?,” BARL wrote on their Facebook page.

Not surprisingly, because God sends his people with the answers to prayers, BARL volunteers had just talked about needing slip resistant rain boots the day before.

Thank you, Ronnie Sciortino, for Stepping Up To Serve.


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