June 18, 2021

Rankin County deputies search for alleged home invaders

Therese Apel

Rankin County deputies discuss the scene of an alleged home invasion on Highway 481 on Thursday night.

A Rankin County woman told police Thursday that two masked men broke into her home, tied her up, and left her in a closet.

According to Rankin County spokesman and legal counsel Paul Holley, deputies received a call around 10 p.m. of a woman who said the two intruders had broken in and duct taped her.

The incident occurred around Highway 481 near the Leesburg intersection.

The two men allegedly put her in a closet, where she was able to contact 911. Holley said the two men allegedly went through the house, possibly looking for something, and then left the house.

When deputies responded to the call, they put up crime scene tape around the home and began a search for the two alleged intruders.

Holley said the searchers were unable to locate any intruders right away, but that the investigation and the search are both continuing.


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