May 24, 2024

Pike County man gets life in prison after stabbing attack

Therese Apel

A Pike County man was convicted of aggravated assault Thursday after being arrested in a stabbing.

According to a release from Fourteenth Circuit Court District Attorney Brendon Adams, Anthony D. Pittman was convicted by a jury in relation to the incident in which he had gotten into a fight and stabbed Thomas Robinson.

Circuit Judge Michael Taylor sentenced Pittman as a habitual offender to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Assistant District Attorneys Timothy Jones and Steven Waldrup prosecuted the case for the State of Mississippi. Investigator Davis Haygood and Victim Assistance Coordinator Cindy Brownell were also integral to the case.

“These guys… worked tirelessly to present a solid case and obtain a conviction,” Adams said. “I want to thank these guys and the hard work done by the Pike County Sheriff’s Department and Mississippi Department of Corrections for all their hard work in the successful prosecution of this case.”

The jurors’ willingness to do their jobs was also noteworthy, the DA said.

“I want to thank all the jurors that were willing to show and serve and take on the difficult task of being a juror,” Adams said. “I would encourage all those who receive a jury summons to be willing to show up and be a part of our judicial system.”

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