May 6, 2022

Pike County Drug Bust Leads to Seven Arrests

Mary Apel

A search warrant conducted by the Pike County Sheriff’s Office led to multiple arrests and drug seizures.

On May 5, Pike County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division conducted a search warrant at a residence located on Dogwood Lane. During the search, approximately 79.12 grams of Methamphetamines, 253.82 grams of Marijuana, 2 grams of Heroin, and various drug paraphernalia were located.

Justin Gaudin was charged with Trafficking a Control Substance, Possession of Control Substance with the Intent to Distribute x2, and Possession of Paraphernalia;
Serena Allen Dubois and Elizabeth Rutland were both charged with Possession of Control Substance x2;
Samuel Avery was charged with Possession of a Control Substance with the Intent to Distribute;
Karen Gonzales, Brandon Dixon and Joseph Rutland were all charged with Possession of Paraphernalia.

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