June 26, 2023

Pearl Carnival canceled after incident of gunshot and fights Saturday

Therese Apel

Photo by Lloyd Freeman : https://www.pexels.com/photo/ferris-wheel-during-golden-hour-1381786/

The question has arisen: How can you hire enough security or figure out enough safety measures to keep a shooting from ruining an outdoor event in the Metro area anymore?

Over the weekend, the City of Pearl had to cancel the carnival at the Outlets of Mississippi after gunfire broke out in the crowd on Saturday.

According to Pearl Police Department, there were several fights at the carnival being held at the Outlets of Mississippi on Saturday night. Police say somebody fired a gun into the air. There were no injuries, and it didn’t result in a shootout.

The entire area was cleared by Pearl Police Officers and Rankin County Sheriff’s deputies.

Mayor Jake Windham spoke to the Outlets and asked the carnival hours be shortened significantly or canceled altogether and guaranteed that Pearl Police will now flood the area for the duration of the carnival.

“This will not be tolerated in our city,” said Windham. “It is truly a shame that families can not enjoy themselves because of ridiculous behavior.”

Shortly afterward, Windham and the Outlets of Mississippi agreed it would be best for the carnival on the Outlets property to move on to its next stop and has been cancelled here in Pearl.

Starting Thursday and ending July 2, the carnival will be set up at the Outlets of Mississippi. Pearl officials said in a Facebook release that there will be rides, games, and everyone’s favorite carnival food.

The carnival was to be open weekdays 5pm until close, on weekends from 3pm until close through July 2.

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