February 1, 2024

11 Arrested On Drug Related Charges After Multi-Agency Investigation In Metro

Morgan Howard

According to Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey, the Rankin County Sheriff’s Department, along with Madison PD, Hinds So, and Richland PD have been working together on fentanyl/meth cases over the last few months.
Sheriff Bailey said some of the cases are directly related to overdose deaths in the metro area.
Four search warrants were served in the metro area today (Thursday, February 1).
Sheriff Bailey said that over the past months the Metro Area has seen an increase in drug overdoses.
Two months ago the Madison Police Department, Ridgeland Police Department, Richland Police Department, Pelahatchie Police Department, Hinds County Sheriff’s Office, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office partnered together and formed a unit to open investigations on overdoses and overdose deaths in both jurisdictions.
The officers worked together and shared all information and began to develop names of suspected drug dealers in the Metro Area.
The result of this cooperation has resulted in the arrest of 11 suspects, 5 adults and 6 juveniles.

The officers began making undercover buys from the suspects they could get close to. The buys along with other intelligence resulted in arrest warrants and search warrants being issued on the below listed individuals.

 Sheriff Bailey said,

“We appreciate all the hard work by all law enforcement involved. Some of these cases are directly related to overdose calls and overdose deaths. We would also like to thank all of the families of the overdose victims who cooperated with the investigation.”

Here are the names of those arrested and charged and what their charges were:


Source: Rankin Co. SO
Pedro Antonio Martinez Garcia

18 years old

154 Carol Avenue Florence, MS


-1 count of Sale of Fentanyl

-Was currently out on bond for Sale of Fentanyl While in Possession of a Firearm & Possession of Methamphetamine While in Possession of a Firearm)


Jose Fernando Herrera Resendiz
Source: Rankin Co. SO

30 years old

2071 Lakeshore Drive Ridgeland, MS


– 1 count of selling cocaine within 1500 feet of a park.

  -1 count of conspiracy to sell cocaine within 1500 feet of a park.

  – Registered Sex Offender

Richard BRYANT

Richard Bryant
Source: Rankin Co. SO


505 Lake Road Pelahatchie, MS


– 3 counts of sell of methamphetamine.

– 1 count of conspiracy to sell methamphetamine.


William Vinzant
Source: Rankin Co. SO


209 Lady Kathrine Pelahatchie, MS


– 1 count of sell of methamphetamine, 1 count of conspiracy to sell methamphetamine.

 – Possession With Intent to Distribute Fentanyl and Methamphetamine

– Drug Trafficking of Ectasy

Vincent EDWARDS Jr.

Vincent Edwards Jr.
Source: Rankin Co. SO


1770 Minor Road Tougaloo, MS


– 2 counts of conspiracy to sell cocaine within 1500 feet of a park.

-Search warrant of his residence in Hinds County, resulted in the discovery of felony amount of narcotics and recovery of a stolen 12 gauge shotgun taking in a house burglary in September of 2019, in Rankin County.

-Charged and Arrested in Hinds County

Weapons seized in search warrants.

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