August 2, 2022

104 lb catfish caught in Mississippi River in Natchez

Morgan Howard

Source: Christopher Halley

A whopping 104 lb fish was pulled out of the Mississippi River this past weekend.

A man by the name of Christopher Halley made the catch in Natchez on Sunday during a fishing trip.

Halley said that he was using trot lines. He put the lines down into the river late Saturday, then slept on the boat and woke up and decided to run the lines again. That was when he pulled in this monster!

Halley said that he wanted to thank his father-in-law David Case and his mother-in-law Sandra Case for fishing with him all summer and helping him learn. He also wanted to give a shout out to his favorite bait shop Joe Bob Bait Shop in Natchez!

According to the National Park Service, there are more than 120 fish species in the Mississippi River.


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