April 1, 2024

Good Samaritan Intervenes in Assault In Natchez, Leads to Arrest

Morgan Howard

According to the Natchez Sheriff, one person was arrested on aggravated assault charges after an incident that happened on Easter Sunday.

On Sunday, March 30th, a green Chevrolet Tahoe pulled into a gas station on Highway 61 South. The driver of the Tahoe, Ricky McGruder, got out his vehicle and walked over to another vehicle, and began assaulting the front-seat passenger.

A Good Samaritan who was also at the gas station, saw the assault happening.

The suspect, McGruder, got back into his Tahoe and began to follow the Mustang. The good Samaritan decided to follow the Tahoe. They pulled into the parking lot of a business on Colonel Pitchford where the Mustang and McGruder were.

When the Good Samaritan pulled into the parking to help the occupants of the Mustang, McGruder confronted the Good Samaritan and handguns were brandished.

The Good Samaritan pulled out of the parking lot trying to leave and McGruder followed him and fired at least one round from a handgun.

The Adams County Sheriff’s Office and the Natchez Police Department responded to the scene and talked to the good Samaritan and the other two occupants of his vehicle. Deputies were able to identify Ricky McGruder as the driver of the Tahoe and obtained arrest warrants for three counts of Aggravated Assault.

On the afternoon of Sunday, March 31, Deputies located McGruder’s Tahoe at a residence on Wilkenson Road. Deputies were able to locate McGuder at the residence and took him into custody without incident. McGruder is currently in the Adams County Jail charged with three counts of Aggravated Assault

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