September 16, 2021

Man found dead after falling through ceiling of football clubhouse in Natchez

Mary Apel

Nathcez police say a man breaking into a clubhouse near Cathedral School’s football stadium died during the attempt.

According to Natchez Police Chief Joseph Daughtry, the man appeared to have fallen through the ceiling.
“It was an unfortunate incident, but thankfully none of the children were ever in danger,” said Daughtry.

A faculty member discovered the body around 9:30 Thursday morning. Coroner James Lee says the man was 56 years old and suffered a major injury to his head.

Awaiting autopsy results, Daughtry was unsure when the break-in occurred or when the man died. “We just know he was discovered today.”

“The staff did an excellent job of isolating the children from the area until police officers arrived,” he said. “We also had assistance with the Adams County Sheriff’s Office. Due to the nature of the call… everybody was all-hands-on-deck and Sheriff Patton and his team were there if we needed them.”

The name of the suspect has not been released.

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