October 9, 2021

Madison County deputies involved in shooting during domestic dispute

Therese Apel

Sheriff Randy Tucker says no deputies were injured when Madison County units responding to a domestic situation Saturday morning were involved in a shooting.

According to Tucker, deputies responded to Kemper Creek off of Yandell Road near Highway 51 for a call of a domestic dispute between a man and his wife. As they approach the address, they passed the male in his vehicle.

Deputies pulled him over, but then he fled the scene in his car, the sheriff said. The suspect made it less than a mile before he pulled into the strip mall. Deputies were able to block his vehicle in.

According to Tucker, there were several witnesses who saw the suspect come out of his car with a gun pointed at police. He allegedly charged toward them even though they had ordered him to drop the weapon.

Tucker said two deputies fired, and the suspect was shot. He was taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center by ambulance.

Not only were there multiple witnesses on scene, Tucker said, but all the deputies had body cameras as well.

The name of the suspect has not been released, and his condition at this point is unknown.

MBI is investigating the shooting, which is routine for officer involved incidents.

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