April 14, 2022

He was called to remove an unwanted guest and here’s what he found

Therese Apel

Scott County's Deputy Kes and an unwanted visitor

Someone called the Scott County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday after they discovered someone squatting in their home without an invitation.

Deputy Max Kes took the call at a Jackson Township resident’s home, and he headed that way.

The problem was that a duck had gotten into the house and was hiding behind their entertainment center. It had become something of a standoff.

It was a carefully choreographed rescue. Deputy Kes removed his vest and crawled behind the entertainment center to negotiate with the obviously distraught duck and worked to coax her into coming out.

Finally Kes was able to take the duck into custody and she was safely returned to her wildlife home.

Editor’s Note: This story has us quacking up!

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