May 28, 2024

Deputies remove alligator from a yard, and guess what? It’s Deputy Sanford again!

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Someone’s grill probably brought a gator to the yard, but luckily the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office had just exactly the right guys to take the call.

Rankin County’s own Crocodile Hunter (well, Alligator and Other Random Animals Guy) is back on the map with another daring animal extraction/rescue.

We were told that Deputy Jonathan Sanford and Deputy Cain Underwood received a call to a home on Highway 471 on Saturday of an alligator in someone’s yard. When they got there, they found an alligator that was close to 6 feet long.

The deputies taped the gator’s mouth shut and his legs together, and loaded him up for a ride. Final destination: The Reservoir.

The alligator was safely relocated and the caller’s yard was safe!

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