January 11, 2024

Father And Uncle Of One Hinds County Escapee Arrested In Adams County

Morgan Howard

Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten gave a community update on the three escapees that were in the area from Hinds County.
He also said that the father of one of the escapees, 47-year-old Shonte Holmes, (his son is Tayson Holmes) was arrested on charges unrelated to the escape.
Holmes was arrested on an unrelated outstanding bench warrant.
Tayson Holmes’ uncle, 47-year-old Shonkeith Holmes, was also arrested on unrelated bench warrants, during the search for the escapees.
Sheriff Patten said neither of these two men are believed to be helping the escapees at this time.
Robert Smith, Tayshon Holmes, Jashon Jones
Sheriff Patten said that over the last three days, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Natchez Police Department and US Marshals Service have investigated over 300 plus calls or tips about the possible sightings of the escapees.
He said they have tried to corroborate the stories by reviewing video footage in the areas where the calls originated from. He said the calls have come from every area of Adams County and the City of Natchez.
Sheriff Patten said,
“The video footage that we were able to obtain did not confirm that any of these sightings were the actual suspects.”
He said this is what they do know, for a fact:
-The only person whose story could be confirmed as to seeing these escapees was the victim who was shot in the armed carjacking. That sighting has been corroborated.
-The vehicle that was stolen (Gold Ford Fusion) has not been recovered.
-There have not been any more tips in reference to the Gold Ford Fusion.
-The escapees are receiving help and shelter from someone.
-They will be caught with the help of the public.
Sheriff Patten stated,
“The search for these escapees will continue until they are caught but there is a chance that they have left Adams County. We can neither confirm they are still here nor say definitively that they have left. The community is gripped with fear right now and we certainly understand why. Rather than living in fear, we are asking that you just be aware of your surroundings as you go throughout your day. Know that we are still out in full force and will continue to check on every tip as we proceed with working on this active investigation. As always, if you see something say something.”
Please call 911 or Crime Stoppers at 1-888-442-5001 with any tips.

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