January 12, 2024

Watch Perp Walk Video Of Hinds County Escapees After Bond Set

Morgan Howard

The Adams County Sheriff stated that all three Hinds County escapees are back in custody.

Their bonds were set this afternoon.

Tayshon Holmes:

$1,500,000- Attempted Murder

$1,500,000 Carjacking

Jashon Jones:

$1,500,000 Attempted Murder

$1,500,000 Carjacking

Robert Earl Smith

$1,500,000 Attempted Murder

$1,500,000 Carjacking

According to a tweet from Hinds County Sheriff Tyree Jones, they are now in custody in Adams County and will face additional charges.

Several law enforcement agencies from Mississippi and Louisiana assisted with the apprehension.

Sheriff Patten said that the Adams County Sheriff’s Department was called about a vehicle being broken into on Lasalle Street at 2 a.m.

The teens then went to a home on Gayoso Street. The homeowner saw the escapees and began shooting at them. They ran in different directions and nobody was injured.

Later, the teens went to someone’s door in the Gayoso Streat area. The homeowner began shooting at the teens, causing them to split up and flee the scene. No one was injured.

Sheriff Patten said that three escapees split up. Two ran into the woods and one ran off by himself. Officers used heat-sensing drones to find the two in the woods.

The other teen was found by himself under a house.

This was the second time the trip escaped the Hinds County Detention Center. They also escaped last summer.

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