August 12, 2022

Authorities: Dangerous escaped Arkansas inmate could be in Mississippi

Therese Apel

Samuel Paul Hartman escaped incarceration in Arkansas and authorities say he could be in Mississippi.

Authorities believe an escaped Arkansas inmate could conceivably have made his way into Mississippi.

According to the Tunica County Sheriff’s Department, Samuel Paul Hartman, who escaped from The East Arkansas Regional Unit Friday morning, may have crossed the Mississippi River in a boat.

The Fort Smith Times Record reports that Hartman, who is serving a life sentence for rape, escaped while out with the field maintenance crew on State Highway 79. The Arkansas Department of Corrections tells the Times Record that Hartman has a history of “major guilty disciplinary violations.” Some of those include battery, sexual activity, and possession of contraband.

According to a Facebook post from Tunica County SO, Hartman is armed and dangerous and allegedly fired shots at Arkansas correctional officers.

If you come in contact with Samuel Hartman, authorities warn you not to approach him. Instead immediately dial 911.

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