May 18, 2023

AG Lynn Fitch Seeks Information in Sexual Abuse Case Involving UMMC Dr. Mehul Dixit

Therese Apel

Attorney General Lynn Fitch

The Mississippi Attorney General’s Office is seeking information in support of an open investigation into Mehul Piyush Dixit who has been practicing pediatric nephrology at University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.

Dr. Mehul Dixit, 59, was arrested and charged with Sexual Battery of a Vulnerable Person and Gratification of Lust of a Vulnerable Person and given a $300,000 bond by Hinds County Court Judge Johnnie McDaniels with ankle monitoring. Dixit was required to surrender his passport, prohibited from entering UMMC and ordered to avoid contact with minors. Today, the State Board of Medical Licensure temporarily suspended Dixit’s license.

“Sadly, sexual predators typically do not stop with one or two victims. We know if there’s a few, there are likely many more. We are committed to seeking justice and helping victims heal, but we need your help,” said Fitch. “If your child visited Dr. Dixit’s office, we recommend you talk with them and see if they experienced inappropriate contact. If you have information or if you yourself are a victim in need of assistance, please call my office at (833) 830-tips or email”

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