April 16, 2024

AG Announces Renewed Partnership with DHS, CPS to Serve Children and Families

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Attorney General Lynn Fitch
Attorney General Lynn Fitch announced the establishment of a new division within her office to focus specifically on meeting the needs of children and families in difficult circumstances. The new Children’s Justice Division will partner with the Mississippi Departments of Human Services and Child Protection Services to swiftly move children in foster care to their forever homes and to help secure past-due child support for families facing arrearages.
“With this new Children’s Justice Division, we are bringing a greater focus and attention to the children and families who need our help most,” said Fitch. “We are proud to work with strong partners at the Mississippi Department of Human Services and Child Protection Services to serve these children and families and to prioritize their needs to give them every opportunity to thrive.”
MS Department of Child Protection Services Commissioner Andrea Sanders is enthusiastic about this initiative saying, “MDCPS is proud to collaborate with the AGO’s Children’s Justice Division to further our agency’s mission to Protect Children and Strengthen Families. General Fitch and her team are valuable partners, and we will continue to work together to protect Mississippi’s children and help victims become children again.”
“As part of MDHS’ continuing mission to provide tangible help today to create lasting hope for tomorrow, we are committed to using every tool available to ensure children receive support from both parents,” said MDHS Executive Director Bob Anderson. “We look forward to working with Attorney General Fitch’s Children’s Justice Division and believe this renewed partnership will benefit the thousands of children we currently serve.”
Fifteen attorneys, three paralegals, and one investigator are currently assigned to this division, including Division Director Hadley Gable, an attorney who previously worked for MDHS. The division will work in state courts across Mississippi. So far in 2024, this unit has successfully readied 188 children in foster care for adoption through terminations of parental rights.

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