January 4, 2022

Repeat offender jailed in Forrest County on aggravated stalking charges

Therese Apel

The Forrest County Sheriff’s Department, in a joint investigation with the Petal Police Department, announced the arrest of Robert Mcgilvary, 62, from Seminary, on charges of aggravated stalking.

“I’m very appreciative to the Petal Police Department for their assistance,” said Sheriff Charlie Sims. “The suspect was in prison for aggravated stalking of a Forrest County resident. He continued to write letters and make unwanted overtures to this person while in prison and immediately upon his release.”

The basic elements of stalking are: Any person who purposefully engages in a course of conduct directed at a specific person, or who makes a credible threat, and who knows that the conduct would cause a reasonable person to fear for their own safety, to fear for the safety of another person, or to fear damage or destruction of their own property, is guilty of the crime of stalking.

“January is ‘National Stalking Month,’ and we take these crimes very serious, and we will hold perpetrators accountable,” Sims said.

Mcgilvary was sentenced in 2015 for two counts of threating a public official as well as a five-year sentence in 2018 for aggravated stalking of a Forrest County resident. Mcgilvary is currently being held in the Forrest County Jail, under a $300,000 bond.

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