October 1, 2021

Nettleton student in custody after prank call about gun violence on campus

Therese Apel

A Nettleton student is in custody on Friday after police say a prank call was made to the school about a disturbance with a weapon.

Early on, it was believed that the call may have come from a residence near the schools, and the schools were notified and put on lockdown to keep the students safe. Sheriff Jim Johnson said later that polcie were able to determine that the call actually came from inside the school.

No one was shot, and no one was injured.

In a statement shortly after lunch, Johnson said the Lee County Sheriff’s Department and the NEttleton Police Department went to the schools to handle the issue.

“This seems at this point to be a prank call that will be taken very, very seriously,” Johnson said. “We are warning individuals that prank calls are just as serious as the event, so don’t do a prank call.”

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